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Natural. Safer. Sustainable.

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About Us

Elevating the Standard of Crop Protection


About 5Metis

Welcome to 5Metis, Inc. A pure-play discovery agrichemical company headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC. Founded in 2021 thanks to a  collaborative union between two existing agrichemical platforms: Boragen, Inc. and AgriMetis, LLC. 5Metis leverages exclusive expertise in boron‐based small molecule discovery and natural product synthetic biology.


Today, 5Metis is paving the way for elevated standards in crop protection, discovering new molecules with novel modes of action not currently found in the agrichemical space. By harnessing the properties of boron, 5Metis is delivering lower use rates, greater specificity, less persistence in the environment, and better plant health. The greatest advantage? 5Metis is the only company with this unique intellectual property, exclusive boron chemistry library, and overall know-how to drive truly differentiated solutions.


The 5Metis business model focuses on discovery and early development and will offer eventual partnerships for further development of de‐risked compounds with an attractive biological profile.

We Aim to Grow a Better World

The purpose of 5Metis is to bring the agricultural industry solutions that are differentiated, and create value for the growers.


Natural Solutions

Utilizing the natural strength of boron in crop protection products has proven to open new doors for safer, sustainable, and more effective products.

Natural Solutions Anchor
Natural Solutions Anchor

Why Boron?

Boron has long been sought after in agriculture as an essential micronutrient, and incorporation of this element into crop protection products was made possible by the world class team at 5Metis. Introduction of boron provides intrinsic properties allowing for access to additional targets that carbon based chemistry cannot reach. When boron is incorporated into a low persistency scaffold such as a natural product, 5Metis can deliver cleaner, more targeted products that increase soil nutrition and crop health.


Why Natural Products?

Historically natural products have been a rich source of new modes of action. These chemicals made by nature can be used in various ways including as active ingredients, starting points to be modified, or as inspiration for new chemistry. Natural products are undergoing a renaissance due to improved tools to discover and produce them and to their advantages over synthetic chemicals such as greater community acceptance.


Novel Natural Products and Derivatives + Boron Chemistry for Safer and Sustainable Solutions

Meeting the Demand for More Sustainable Products

Delivering lower use rates, greater specificity, less persistence in the environment and better plant health.

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